Symmetry Spiced Tonic Essence, 50cl

Symmetry Spiced Tonic Essence, 50cl

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Symmetry Spice Tonic Essence reflects our Cape Malay heritage and the scents of the Karoo. It is brewed from fragrant spices and Cape Snowbush (Kapokbos) an indigenous plant which grows wild across the Cape.

Foraged from the Atlantic Coast and the dry Swartland, it is known for its herbaceous perfume and medicinal properties against coughs and colds.

Ingredients: cardamom, clove, cinchona bark, lemon, kapokbos, rosemary, ginger, lemongrass.

 Serve over ice with sparkling water, 1:3 ratio or more to taste.

Garnish options: Rosemary – lemon zest – cassia bark