The World of Small Spirits - Why?

The question that most people ask me is "Why". Why have I started a 0% abv spirits company when I love a drink. Well the answer is there in the question. Yes I love great wine. I love great whiskey but unfortunately for us all, drinking too much is damaging to both physical and mental health.

The 2020-21 lockdowns saw a real rise in peoples consumption of alcohol (and who can blame us!) that has filtered through into our ongoing lives. My question to myself was why do people feel that they need to drink every day? What stops people taking a day or two off. Most of the time it is the stigma of not drinking. We have all been in that situation where you have decided to take the car and choose not to drive. My friends make a mockery of me. Going soft! Can't have fun! May as well just go home. These are all things that have been said to me in the past and fuelled my drinking. So, the Small Spirits Company was started to offer alternatives to those who choose not to drink, be it tee-total or just having a night off the source. Our range of products make you feel like your having a drink while still being able to drive home. 

We think it is the perfect solution.


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